Coach’s Corner: Dorchester head coach Johnny Williams

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Coach’s Corner is a weekly roundtable discussion with coaches on a range of topics. It will consist of weekly conversations, interviews and insights on our district area coaches, teams and players. Topics will include practice planning, teaching, player development, academic accountability, program culture, and more.

For our first edition, we spotlight Dorchester High School in a sit down with Head Coach Johnny Williams.


Question: Coach, what are your expectations for this year’s team?

JW: “I expect this year’s squad to make a deep run in the state tourney. We have a guard-oriented team, but we defend really well on the perimeter and can get out in transition with any team.”


Dorchester head coach Johnny Williams


Question: What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a head coach in the district league?

JW: The most challenging aspects have been building culture off the court. Our players come from very challenging backgrounds and home situations. We try to support their challenges and teach them how to overcome tough situations, while also still being accountable to what is expected. Another challenge is creating and sustaining academic accountability. Our student-athletes are required to carry a 2.75 GPA. We require they attend study hall and have regular check-in with staff.


Question: How do you see the city league in terms of competition this year?

JW: I think you still have the teams that are always tough; Charlestown, New Mission, Eastie and Madison (Park). I think our league is wide open this year and very competitive. I believe we are rising this year and have the type of team to compete every night with anyone. Our style of play defensively and offensively; being guard-oriented with drivers and shooters give us the ability to put pressure on the teams we face. Obviously, we need to play hard, together and execute as well.


Question: As a high school basketball fan, what teams or programs do you admire, like to watch and why?

JW: I like to watch New Mission, Brighton, Charlestown and Madison (Park). New Mission plays that great defense and is always just physically tough! Brighton, of course, defending state champion and Coach (Hugh) Coleman does an awesome job. There’s Ctown and coach (Edson) Cardoso who always has his teams prepared and playing great. And there’s Madison with Coach (Dennis) Wilson and his tough old-school style. All these programs do a great job and I just enjoy seeing all the kids compete!

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