Coach’s Corner: Charlestown head coach Edson Cardoso

This week, we sit down with Charlestown head coach Edson Cardoso, now in his sixth season at the helm.


Question: What are your expectations for this year’s team?

Cardoso: We expect them to compete every game, practice in weight room, whenever they do anything to work hard, give great effort.


Question: What are the key elements that determine deciding how your team will approach each season?

Cardoso: One of the big keys every year is for our students to be academically consistent, to make certain our players attend and meet all their responsibilities daily. We are experienced; we have upper class leadership – six seniors – so we are expecting great chemistry on the court and off the court aspects.



Edson Cardoso is in his seventh season as the head coach at Charlestown (Phil Kasiecki photo)

Question: How do you manage your program’s infrastructure? (Academics, practice, teaching, team culture, etc.) What kinds of things do you do to assure your kids are meeting academic responsibility while still putting in maximum effort and commitment with basketball?

Cardoso: Academically we require weekly check-ins (every Friday). Our players are required to mentor. The program requires upperclassmen work with younger players. It builds accountability. The other areas we have asked our players to increase focus is on preparation – to watch opponents live as much as possible.


Question: What are the most important elements to having and maintaining a successful high school basketball program in the city of Boston?

Cardoso: Try to get the best character kids, teach them as men, hold them accountable, and that has helped us grow our culture here at Charlestown. How do you get kids to change? We do lots of one-on-one workshop, college visits, expose them to different environments and opportunities. Ultimately, get our players as much exposure as possible.


Question: From a philosophical perspective; what is more important in your opinion, talent or fundamentals and structure? In other words; are you a believer in “cutting them loose” or “running sets?”

Cardoso: I am big on structure first – learn the structure and fundamentals. Once you learn them there is room to create and be flexible.


Question: Who do you believe are the top three teams in the city of Boston? Why?

Cardoso: New Mission – they have solid guards and big men they are tough defensively. They do a good job with pressure. Dorchester – they are disciplined and they compete. And with Burke, it is just that Bulldog pride!


Question: As a H.S. basketball fan, who do you like to watch play when your team isn’t practicing or playing yourself? What do you enjoy or respect about this school’s program?

Cardoso: New Mission they do a great job defensively. The other team I enjoy seeing is Cambridge Rindge & Latin. Both programs have a great tradition of playing good defense.

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