Stanley Davis managing through a tough season

Two years ago, Stanley Davis was handed the controls of Boston English as a freshman. It was a lot to ask, and long-time head coach Barry Robinson doesn’t do such a thing lightly. Now a junior, Davis has steadily developed and may well be the best point guard in the Boston City League, although his team is struggling.

Boston English enters this week with a 6-9 mark, putting them in danger of not making the state tournament. That doesn’t go entirely on Davis, as he doesn’t have a great supporting cast. That said, watch a little of a game and you can see that he could stand to be more assertive more often. While he’s not going to be a dominant player, he can carry the team for a little of a game.

In a recent loss at West Roxbury, the Bulldogs fell behind big in the second quarter and it continued into the third. Late in the third quarter, Davis asserted himself, making nice drives to get to the line or score, while making more passes to find an open man. For a few minutes, he was clearly the best player on the floor and the Bulldogs made it a ballgame before running out of gas.

Davis won’t blow you away with any physical gifts. The 5’11” point guard has barely above-average quickness and his body has a ways to go, but he looks more athletic than he did at the beginning of his high school career. He’s had to get here through a dislocated ankle injury that cost him time last season. The lefty is a very good passer, able to make nice long lead passes as well as some in the halfcourt that include post entry passes, and he isn’t afraid to go in and get rebounds at either end of the floor.

One area for clear improvement is that Davis isn’t much of a scorer. His lack of physical gifts has a little to do with that, but it’s also his mentality as a point guard. One test for point guards in high school is often whether they can score in the case that they’re the best player on their team and be a passer when they’re playing with more talent. That’s a test for him going forward given his team’s relative lack of good scoring options, while he will have more talent alongside him playing during the spring and summer travel circuit.

Off the court, Davis is an honors student who could graduate this year. He won’t do that, as there’s no rush, and he will take college level courses next year to keep moving forward. While a prep school could be an option for next year, that’s unlikely, especially since he will be able to take some of the courses he needs to keep moving forward.

When it’s all said and done, Davis will be a four-year starting point guard at Boston English. Academically he’s in great shape, and that will give him more choices when it comes time to pick a college. If he improves his scoring tools while making teammates better, his college interest will surely pick up.

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