2014 New England Junior Best 40 evaluations

BOSTON – Among the more than 50 players who came to the New England Junior Best 40 on Sunday, there was certainly some good talent. A few players stood out above others both on the afternoon and in terms of potential, although the latter is a tough thing to gauge right now. All of these players are not done growing and their bodies are not done rounding into what they will ultimately look like by the time they are in high school, let alone college.

With that in mind, here are some players who stood out on the afternoon.

Abdulai Aden (5’0″, 2021, Boston (MA) Roxbury Prep)     One of the youngest players here, he impressed in some limited viewing with some nice fundamentals and fluidity that he showed.

Abubakar Aden (5’5″, 2019, Boston (MA) Up Academy)     The lefty is a baby physically but showed some potential on the day, as he can grow more and was in his share of plays.

Ky’Juan Anderson (4’10”, 2020, Lynn (MA) Pickering School)     He and older brother J’Zon, who was also here, will be known for being sons of former UMass guard Anthony Anderson, but Ky’Juan looks like he will have some potential all his own. One highlight was a nice baseline shot over a defender.

Dasonte Bowen (5’2″, 2021, Boston (MA) Philbrick Middle School)     One of the youngest players in the gym and the son of a coach, he impressed all afternoon and was lauded by a couple of coaches for his play.

Jonathan Cenescar (6’0″, 2018, Cambridge (MA) Cambridge Street Upper School)     Perhaps the most impressive player on the afternoon, he’s well-built and has a good frame. He finished the break often and ran the floor all day, and while he looks relatively mature physically for his age, the big thing will be if he grows more or acquires more guard skills. On the plus side there, he showed the ability to pass on the move a few times.

Sana Dahaba (5’10”, 2018, (Guinea Bissau) McCormack Middle School)     A baby physically with a slight frame, he’s athletic and is more upside than current player, although he showed some range on his jumper.

Bmenet Girum (5’11”, 2018, Cambridge (MA) Rindge Ave Upper School)     A baby physically, he showed some good ball skills going to the basket that will serve him well at the high school level and beyond.

Brendan Grant (6’1″, 2018, Cambridge (MA) Cambridge Street Upper School)     One of the more competitive players here, he has a motor that doesn’t stop running. He’s lanky, but can block shots and also made a nice long pass one time.

Aden Keefer (5’10”, 2018, Cambridge (MA) Vassal Lane Upper School)     He showed some good ball skills on the day and also finished with his off hand, while also getting a steal and layup another time.

Sekouba Kenneh (5’9″, 2018, Boston (MA) Pilot Middle School)     Well-built and a plus athlete, he didn’t show a great skill package and appears to be relatively new to the game. But he was in his share of plays at both ends, so with work on his skill package he has some potential down the road.

Derek Marino (6’0″, 2018, Marblehead (MA) Veterans Middle School)     A solid performer on the afternoon, he has a good frame and used it to finish with contact at the basket. He ran the floor often, including off his own steals, and showed he can use his off hand some as well.

Sean McCarthy (4’11”, 2020, Marblehead (MA) Village School)     He won’t leap out at you except for being among the smallest players on the court, but every coach in the gym was thoroughly impressed with him on the day. He showed a very fluid handle and jumper in some of the drills, but most of all never lagged in his effort and was a model in how he approached everything.

Joshua Roseboro (5’3″, 2020, Dorchester (MA) McCormack Middle School)     He seemed to have a little flair to his game, perhaps too much so at times, but he also made some nice passes, including a couple of times where he got a lot of zip on one to get it past defenders to a teammate for a chance at a layup.

Ben Wasco (6’0″, 2018, Arlington (MA) Ottson Middle School)     He did a good deal of his work inside, as he finished close and got a stickback as well.

Other players to keep an eye on:

Cedric Charles (5’6″, 2018, Roslindale (MA) Washington Irving Middle School)
Bryan Desir (6’0″, 2018, Roslindale (MA) Washington Irving Middle School)
Mohammed Farah (5’3″, 2018, Boston (MA) Wellesley Middle School)
Sekou Shuriff (5’5″, 2019, Boston (MA) Pilot Middle School)
Lucas St. Jean (5’11”, 2018, Cambridge (MA) Prospect Hill Academy)
Mohammed Traore (5’6″, 2018, Hyde Park (MA) Rogers Middle School)
J’ddon Vincent (5’2″, 2019, Lynn (MA) KIPP)
Aljenis Vlaun (5’6″, 2018, Salem (MA) Collins Middle School)

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