Massachusetts 11th grade AAU Tournament recap

FOXBORO, Mass. – While most other age groups had already completed most or all of their state AAU tournament, the juniors had not started before this weekend. Mass Premier Courts was again home to the event, and it was all done over two days this weekend.

In the Division II/III final, Worcester West ran out to an early lead before the Mass Premier 16U team scored ten straight to take a 21-16 lead. Worcester West closed out the half on a 13-2 run in response, then survived a late run in the second in a 59-51 win behind Jake Wisniewski (6’5″ Sr. SF-PF, Warren (MA) Quaboag Regional HS).

Following that, in the Division I final, Mass Premier was able to hang with BABC for much of the game, even tying it at 30 in the second half. At that point, BABC regained the lead and slowly opened it up, pulling away for a 60-45 win.

Now, a look at some of the players who stood out on the weekend.

Nick Baskin (So. SG-SF, Mansfield (MA) High) A promising athlete with some length and a body that still has some maturing ahead, he had a good showing offensively with flashes at the other end. He scored a few times on nice drives, including with contact and getting fouled, and also finished the break to go along with a couple of three-pointers. On the down side, his defense leaves something to be desired, especially when off the ball, and his body language looked questionable a couple of times as well.

Justin Bowker (6’6″ Jr. PF, Worcester (MA) Wachusett HS) Possessing a solid post body, he has a little length and showed he can play inside and out, though he looks better close to the hoop. There, he scored on the post, including with contact, and was a solid complementary player on his team.

David Carchedi (So. PG, Attleboro (MA) Bishop Feehan HS) A solid guard, his body has a ways to go but his skills look good. He hit from long range a few times and passed well, and also hit from mid-range when the opportunity presented itself and played well within the team concept.

Ryan Carney (Jr. PG-SG, Easton (MA) Oliver Ames HS) A solid floor leader, he has a good body that can still mature more and was symbolic of his team’s run to the final. He took contact often, finishing when fouled more than once, hit shots from long range in the flow of the offense and got a stickback as well. He won’t leap out at you right away, but watch the game and you appreciate his value more.

Kyle Doucette (Jr. PF, Lynn (MA) Classical HS) A promising post player with a good body, he’s active and a plus athlete, and he used his attributes well to be a constant factor inside. He didn’t get a great number of offensive chances, but was in plays at both ends.

Garrisson Duvivier (Jr. SF, Brockton (MA) High) A long forward who is a plus athlete, he showed some potential largely as a facilitator. He often faced the basket and made some good passes to get the ball moving, and while that’s a plus he didn’t show as much in the way of scoring tools.

Marcus Giese (Jr. PF, Franklin (MA) High) A baby physically, this post player has some length and was very active at both ends. From that, he got his share of rebounds, as well as chances to score that weren’t in the flow of the offense. He needs to gain strength as his body matures and be more ball-tough, but he doesn’t seem to be afraid of contact.

Stefan Masciarelli (Jr. SG, Shrewbsury (MA) St. John’s HS) Though he’s not the most athletic guard, he showed he can handle and pass in addition to shooting the ball, which is his forte. He made some big shots during the season and showed his touch here as well. Of note is that his release is long and a bit slow, which could hamper him at the next level.

Peter Merry (6’8″ Jr. PF-C, Danvers (MA) High) Part of a dynamic duo of inside threats for his team, he has some length and a body that has a ways to go. He didn’t get a great many touches in the halfcourt, but there’s potential there as his body develops.

Tommy Mobley (6’2″ Jr. SG, Newton (MA) North HS) A solid complementary player, he’s well-schooled fundamentally and moves well without the ball. From that, he not only knows how to get open, which he showed a few times, but he can also find loose balls and openings for close shots as well as the ones he can hit from long range.

Aaron Montero (Jr. PF, Brockton (MA) High) He can be a load inside, as he has a big body, though not all of it is good weight. The lefty moves very well, though, and scored a number of times inside, with some chances coming from getting loose balls. On the gridiron, he’s a much better prospect, as he has committed to Boston College as a left tackle.

Kiano Montero (Jr. SG, Brockton (MA) High) In a quarterfinal loss to BABC, he impressed with his shooting from long range, hitting seven from behind the arc en route to 25 points. His stroke looks as good as that suggests, and he has a good frame that still has a little bit more to fill out.

Erich Ryan (6’6″ Jr. PF-C, Wrentham (MA) King Philip Regional School) A post player with a good body, his lower body is more developed than his upper body and he battled inside. He finished while being fouled and was a key factor complementing teammate Marcus Guise inside.

Jake Wisniewski (6’5″ Jr. SF-PF, Warren (MA) Quaboag Regional HS) Well-built forward has a relatively mature body and put on a clinic for part of one pool game, seemingly not missing whether he shot the ball from long range or inside via a post move. He has a good skill set with good range and really competes, evidenced by how he was one of the best rebounders here and one play where he dove for a loose ball and then made an excellent pass while on the floor to give a teammate an opportunity.


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